Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take Preschool Bullying Training During National Bullying Prevention Month

In Support of the President's Anti-Bullying Campaign and "National Bullying Prevention Month," CCEI offers the course Bullying in the Preschool Environment at no cost to new users in October. "In early childhood, kids are learning critical social skills that shape how they treat others," says Maria C. Taylor, President and CEO of CCEI. "This course is designed to give educators information and strategies to prevent bullying. The sooner this concern is properly addressed, the sooner we can take steps to prevent its long-term impacts." GUI100 is available at no cost to account holders with an active, annual individual or center-based subscription. Without a subscription, this course may be purchased individually through online enrollment at www.cceionline.edu.


  1. Preschool education and learning is an essential part of shaping your child's interactions with other children and socializing. This along with proper parenting, looking for any aggressive traits and addressing them early on can do wonders to help prevent bullying as children grow and move through the school system. :)

  2. Great comment! We welcome your feedback on the CCEI Discussion Forum as well!

  3. Absolutely 100% agree. Child care facilities is where it starts with proper habits in treating each other with respect. There are many other factors but child care centers have a strong impact for it is the first steps in social skill development.

  4. I cannot believe how preschool children deal with bullying. This is horrible. I teach teens about implementing the golden rule but I just had to stop and think about how preschool kids interact. Many kids this age do not want to negotiate with their behavioral actions. We need to role model for our kids how they should treat other people.