Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Infectious Diseases' Training Creates Healthier Child Care Environments

CCEI offers new users the trial course CCEI114B: Recognizing Infectious Diseases in the Early Childhood Setting at no cost to new users in December. Caregivers cannot prevent all infectious diseases from entering a child care environment. However, caregivers can certainly help control the spread of disease through preventive measures, by following center policy and state health regulations, and by learning to recognize and respond effectively to the signs and symptoms of infectious diseases. With CCEI's course, CCEI114B, participants learn about the most common causes of infectious diseases, effective methods for preventing the spread of infectious diseases, the circumstances under which a sick child should be excluded from group care, the purpose of the daily health check, and basic symptoms, characteristics, and reporting requirements for common early childhood diseases. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive 0.1 CEUs and the ability to print and/or save their certificate of completion immediately.

CCEI114B is available at no cost to account holders with an active, annual individual or center-based subscription. Without a subscription, this course may be purchased individually through online enrollment at

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