Monday, May 7, 2012

Improve Young Children’s Speaking and Listening Skills with CCEI Coursework

CCEI offers new users the trial course CHD101: Promoting Speaking and Listening Skills at no cost in May in recognition of Better Hearing and Speech Month. Speaking and listening skills are not only essential for communication; for young children, oral language forms the foundation of future literacy. In this course, participants will learn practical methods for promoting oral language development in the classroom, where every day is filled with rich opportunities to help children expand knowledge and skills related to conversation, vocabulary, and listening. Course participants will examine strategies for encouraging young children to express basic needs, ideas, emotions, and questions. Importance is placed on language comprehension in conversations and books. CHD101 is available at no cost to trial users and account holders with an active, annual individual or center-based subscription. This course is also available for purchase through online enrollment at


  1. That's just a great idea. I do believe that the children is our future and we have to do everything in our power to make that happen and help them to reach that.

  2. That's good practice to improve speaking and listening skills but such activities are more efficient in actual classes here teacher teach therm through different activities and play.