Monday, July 2, 2012

National Make a Difference to Children Month

CCEI encourages providers to make a positive impact in children's lives and recognizes National Make a Difference to Children Month by allowing new users to take the trial course CCEI112A: Child Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Reporting Requirements for Early Childhood Professionals at no cost in July.  Child care professionals are mandated reporters, meaning they are legally responsible for identifying and reporting signs of child abuse and neglect. In order to uphold their duties, teachers and caregivers must receive adequate training on appropriate practices for identifying signs of maltreatment. Course participants will learn about the four major categories of abuse, along with the signs, symptoms, and examples of each type of abuse, as well as basic procedures and responsibilities when a suspicion of abuse arises. Users who have taken a trial course with CCEI and do not have an active, annual subscription may purchase this course through online enrollment.


  1. Even though many already are educated and informed about child abuse, cases like this still happens. Good to know there are people who are working very hard to vigilant about this social concern.

  2. A great advocacy to be part of! Recently, USA Weekend made a list in "How to Connect with your Teenager", a guide for parents on how to cope up with teenagers and keep an open relationship with them. Hopefully if they get to open up with parents, abuse can be avoided since parents are aware on how things are going on with their child and possible certain mistakes can be avoided.