Monday, October 1, 2012

Improve Child Language & Literacy Development

Nearly every job description one comes across or constructs these days includes a variation of the requirement "Must have excellent written and spoken communication skills." Well-developed communication skills do not happen by chance or by watching television, but must be created through dedicated early exposure to speaking and listening activities. Child care training course CCEI330: Books and Beyond: Language Development in Young Children enables students to identify the four main types of language, clearly define "oracy" and literacy, implement language activities in the classroom, and explain the importance of a language-rich classroom environment. Set the young children in your care up for success with this one-hour online course!

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  1. Absolutelly right..Language skills enrich one’s personality, social life, and open up job opportunities while deficit of language fluency hampers communication and subsequently, progress.So children should have strong basics in language to have a bright future..