Monday, March 11, 2013

Heart Healthy Children

ChildCare Education Institute's February newsletter to child care professionals obtaining online training and certificates, Heart Healthy Habits for Childrenis in further recognition of National Heart Month. Children should come to mind when we hear about "long-term habits," because research clearly shows that attitudes toward food and exercise form early in life. A child with a habit of grabbing an apple or carrot instead of chips or cupcakes will probably grow into an apple/carrot eating adult. The same goes for the child who reaches for a glass of water instead of soda. Likewise, a child who engages regularly in vigorous, active play is less likely to be obese and has a good chance of maintaining good physical fitness throughout life. Please take time to check out the resources included in this newsletter (at the link), and review your curriculum to ensure that children get plenty of activity, not just this month but all year!

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