Friday, May 10, 2013

Exploring Visual & Spatial Intelligence During Healthy Vision Month

Early childhood educators are encouraged to take COG100: Exploring Visual/Spatial Intelligence in recognition of May being Healthy Vision Month. Spatial intelligence is also referred to as "picture smarts" and involves being able to strongly visualize a larger picture, or finished product, before it's complete. Spatial skills are frequently used by painters, sculptors, photographers, architects, fashion designers, graphic artists, interior designers, movie directors, pilots, navigators, military strategists, engineers, and city planners. This course is a one-hour, intermediate-level training, available as a no-cost trial course to new users for CCEI account creation in May.

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  1. It will be a very good training since most of daycare provider especially an in home daycare do not know that much about visual and spatial intelligence. Mostly, they point on basic academic skill and developmental phase achievement. Keep going with useful training for children better future!